Stop Playing Games with America’s People



1. The majority of Happy Users are on the EAST COAST specifically

Washington DC, The Federal Government Plan (6 million) plus  is MEDICARE ADVANTAGE and they have more than 20 plans to “CHOOSE” from. In the state “Texas” That they hold up for tort reform examples does not reflect Reality Our drugs are higher not lower. We have 4-5 Insurances Plan Choices with 2 that have Part D coverage.

The medicare part D drug plan they brag about has been more than helpful in causing poverty for Seniors and Disabled I find the GAP to be as big as the Grand Canyon. I can not afford 2,500 plus 20% on my prescriptions. The gap causes me to pay 80% of all my medicines (9 meds @ 2,000) monthly. Could any one pay that monthly ? Now once I have paid in 4,700 Medigap now kicks in to pay 80% and I am now to pay the 20% Copay’s and coinsurances

Based on the agreement with the insurance companies Seniors that are healthy or ILL Pay Premiums, Copay’s, Coinsurance.
Truth is that It’s been Our Parents and Our Grand Parents and even their Parents that made it possible for those under 65 and Disabled to receive Medicare Assistance. I Thank Them because I no longer feel safe in the hands of people so committed to Wealth.They no longer even consider Ripping off the American People by enticing Middle Americans to actively participate in the Wall Street PONZI scheme. When All fell apart and the same American People are called to Rescue the exact Criminals that took our Savings and Retirement and even Bankrupted us Due to Excessive Medical Bills. I have been called Ignorant and not Interested in the business of Polictics from both the Senate and House Independents and Republicans.

Wake Up Washington WE READ,WE THINK,WE UNDERSTAND,but most of all WE REMEMBER!! As for the 2,000 plus pages of the Health Care Bill not only have I read it but surprise I read the republican “Wait-Stop-Not Now-All about the Money-not even close to a solution. I really looked forward to your Plan and  the debate to get help for ALL AMERICANS  REGARDLESS OF PARTY. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS could care less if I am a Republican or a Democrat. It is trying to kill me daily little by little I am running out of time.

YOU WERE HIRED TO REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE once you get to the senate and the HOUSE  you are no longer RUNNING FOR OFFICE.

President Obama won!  The sabotage, wait, obstruct and stop everything and anything  The “Administration” tries to do is going destroy AMERICA BY DIVIDING IT AGAIN.

PLEASE stop the games and get with the program for us ALL not just your INDIVIDUAL STATES.